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JIE Foundation


The Jamaica Institution of Engineers Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 by members of the Jamaica Institution of Engineers for the purpose of catering to the education, training needs, and professional development of graduate engineers at every level.

The organization depends on grant funds and contributions, together with any surplus obtained from the holding of training courses, to finance its operations. The Foundation is controlled by a Board of Directors having a tenure of office of two (2) years and composed of many eminent members of society together with a number of professional engineers.


The mission of the Foundation is to provide the Jamaican engineer with the opportunities to develop and maintain his performance at the highest level of professional conduct, thus satisfying of the need for competence and excellence in the practice of engineering.

In carrying out its mission the Foundation intends to:

  • Design and develop programmes for the continuing education of the engineer.
  • Provide post-graduate training and professional development to satisfy the requirement of the Professional Engineers Registration Board.
  • Promote linkages with international bodies working in continuing engineering education.
  • Expose Jamaican engineers to opportunities for further education and training.
  • Promote the improved development of students at the secondary level in the areas of science and mathematics.
  • Assist in upgrading the image and, identifying the role of the engineer in society.


The Foundation sees the its role as fulfilling an urgent need for the upgrading, training and professional development of Jamaican engineers in an era when keeping abreast of cutting edge technology can have a profound impact on the industrial, economic and social fabric of society. While its function is envisaged to be primarily that of funding and coordinating or presenting training courses, the wider responsibility to the development of science and technology from the secondary school level upward is recognize. As well, the promotion better linkages with both of the engineering tertiary educational institutions operating in the West Indies and with the various industries which use the services of engineers.


Since the Foundation is a non-profit organization, the services of all its Directors and Officers are voluntary, except for those staff members directly employed to perform specific tasks.

Funding in through grants and donations from overseas, as well as local institutional sources related to engineering eduction. Also, all training courses conducted by the Foundation would be expected to return a profit which j will be utilised to further finance educational activities.


The Foundation's Office is located at 2 Winchester Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, West Indies. contact can be made and further information obtained by telephoning (876) 929-6741 and (876) 920-7004 or Fax (876) 929-4655, attention of the SECRETARIAT.

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