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Code of Ethics

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A Professional Engineer

  1. Owes certain duties to the public, to his employers, to other members of his profession and to himself, and shall act at all times with: (a) fidelity to public needs; (b) fairness and loyalty to his associates, employers, clients, subordinates and employees; (c) devotion to high ideals of personal honour and professional integrity.
  2. Shall express opinions on engineering matters only on the basis of adequate knowledge and honest conviction.
  3. Shall have proper regard for the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of his professional duties.
  4. Shall endeavour to extend public understanding of engineering and its place in society.
  5. Shall not be associated with enterprises contrary to the public interest, or sponsored by persons of questionable integrity, or which do not confirm to the basic principles of the code.
  6. Shall sign and/or seal only those plans, specifications and reports actually prepared by him, or under his direct professional supervision.
  7. Shall act for his client or employer as a faithful agent or trustee.
  8. Shall not disclose confidential information pertaining to the interests of his clients or employers without their consent.
  9. Shall present clearly to his clients or employers the consequences to be expected if his professional judgement is over-ruled by non-technical authority in matters pertaining to work, for which he is professionally responsible.
  10. Shall not undertake any assignment which may create a conflict of interest with his clients or employers without the full knowledge of his clients or employers.
  11. Shall not accept remuneration for services rendered other than from his client or employer.
  12. Shall conduct himself towards other professional engineers with courtesy, fairness and good faith.
  13. Shall not compete unfairly with another engineer by attempting to obtain employment, advancement, or professional engagements by competitive bidding, by taking advantage of a salaried position, or by criticizing other engineers.
  14. Shall undertake only such work as he is competent to perform by virtue of his training and experience.
  15. Shall not advertise his work or merit in a self-laudatory manner and shall avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or unfavourably reflect upon the dignity or honour of the profession.
  16. Shall advise his Association or Institution or the Council of any practice by another Professional Engineer which he believes to be contrary to the Code of Ethics.

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