JIE Civil & ACMIE Division Seminars Presentations


Engineers to Managers 2012


1. Eng. E. G. Hunter - A guide to this Natural Evolution


Carron Halll Energy Project 2012


1. Dr. Micheal Case - A model of solar energy application in Jamaica

JIE Engineer's Week 2011 (19/9/11)


Caribbean Infrastructure Conference

1. Alternative Development of Water and Sewerage Projects

2. Flood plain mapping as a tool for development planning

3. Infrastructure Development

4. Water Supply and Sewerage Plans

5. Exploring State of Development of Water Resources in Jamaica

Energy Conference

1. National Energy Policy

2. Theoretical and Operational Thermal Performance of a 'Wet' Crystalline Silicon PV Module under Jamaican Conditions

3. Nuclear Power Generation in Small States 

4. Nuclear Research Reactors and their Applications

FIDIC Seminar

1. Contract Management from the Contractors Perspective

2. Local Development in a Global Perspective

3. 1999 FIDIC RED BOOK vs. 2010 MDB Harmonised Conditions of Contract

Hazard Mitigation Seminar

1) Hazard Mitigation Measures in Jamaica

2) Landslide Hazards and Jamaica's Manual for Development on     Hillsides

3) Effects of Good Infrastructure Design on Insurance Risks

4) Flood Mitigation Measures: A Look at Nightingale Grove

5) Assessing the Economic Cost to Repair Jamaica's Infrastructure as     a Result of Natural Disasters

6) An Assessment of the State of Readiness of our Infrastructure to Handle the Next Big Natural Disaster

7) Hazard Mitigation Measures Against Storm Surges 

Energy Policy Seminar

1) National Energy Policy 2009 - 2030 Presentation

Safety Seminar 

Energy Conference: (Contact JIE Secretariat for Password)

1) Energy Security for an Island State

2) The Effect of Operating 60Hz Equipment on a 50Hz Supply

Concrete Conference: (Contact JIE Secretariat for Password)

1) Green Building and the Environmental Attributes of Concrete

2) Sustainable Benefits of Cool Colour Concrete

3) The Quality of Jamaican Aggregates


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