As stated in the Constitution of the JIE, the basic requirements for membership are: Members A Degree, Diploma, or other award, from an Institution with an approved course of engineering studies, together with four years of approved experience.

Fellows Members who are distinguished by their work in engineering. Life Members Members who are aged 65 years and over who have been Corporate Members for 15 years or more. Associate Members As for Members, excluding the experience requirements. Student Members Enrollment at an approved Institution of learning.

JIE members are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics, which is meant to be a guide for professional behavior of the Engineer.

Annual Subscription Fees

  • Fellows $7,500.0
  • Corporate Members $7,500.00
  • Graduate Members $5,000.00
  • Affiliate Members $3,500.00
  • Student Members - No Fee


JIE has come to be recognized as the legitimate voice of the Engineering profession in Jamaica, on issues which affect Engineers, including the Metrication Board, the Advisory Committees of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of the West Indies and the Faculty of Engineering & Computing at the University of Technology, the Professional Engineers Registration Board, and the Jamaica Bureau of Standards.

Registration of Engineers

For several years JIE and its predecessors vigorously lobbied the Government to enact appropriate legislation on the registration of professional engineers. These efforts eventually bore fruit, and in July 1987, the Professional Engineers Registration Act was enacted. Under the first schedule of the Act, JIE can nominate up to seven (7) persons to sit on the Board appointed by the responsible Minister, to administer the provisions of the Act.


JIE is affiliated with many professional organizations, such as the Professional Societies Association of Jamaica (PSAJ), and the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) for the Building and Construction Industry in Jamaica; and international organizations such as the Union of Pan American Engineering Organizations (UPADI), and the Council of Caribbean Engineering Organizations (CCEO). JIE also maintains links with the Jamaica Welding Institution which came into being in 1991, as a result earlier of initiatives made by JIE.


On an annual basis JIE provides two (2) awards for excellence in engineering studies at the University of Technology (UTECH): in Diploma, and Bachelor of Engineering academic programmes. JIE also undertakes annually the presentation of awards to persons or organizations who have given commendable service to the profession or the Institution.

Career Information

The Institution has assiduously provided on-going information on careers in the engineering profession, by giving lectures to secondary high schools students that may assist them in making career choices. JIE also participates, in the annually held UWI Career’s Exposition.

Social Activities

Socials are held once per month at a designated venue, where engineers meet and relax. The second week in September is designated Engineers’ Week, and a number of seminars, workshops and presentations are held, culminating in the JIE Annual Awards Dinner.

JIE List of Fellows

Alfico Adams - Civil
Arthur Nelson - Civil
Basil Nelson - Electrical
Cowell Lyn - Civil
Donald Miller - Mechanical
Dr. Vincent Lawrence - Civil
Dr. Wayne Reid - Civil
Earle Beckford - Civil
Eugene Fflokes - Civil
Grace Ashley - Electrical
James Aitken - Mechanical
Jefferey Morgan - Electrical
Maurice Allgrove - Civil
Maurice Jones - Civil
Noel daCosta - Chemical
Noel Whyte - Civil
Norman Saulter - Civil
Peter Jervis - Civil
Peter Morais - Civil
Prof. Gosette Oliver - Mechanical
Ralph Fisher - Civil
Raymond Silvera - Electrical
Richard Nevers - Civil
Thomas Lyew - Civil

JIE Members in Good Standing