About Us

In 1966, this group was formed into the Institution of Engineers, Jamaica. In the early 1970’s, a second and competing association, the Jamaica Association of Engineers was formed, promoting less demanding requirements for corporate membership.However, after some years of discussion, negotiation and compromise, in 1977, Jamaican Engineers were finally united by a merger between the two organizations, under a new name, the JAMAICA INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, which is the current Institution.


The Jamaica Institution of Engineers exists to promote and encourage the general advancement of the Engineering profession and the practice and science of Engineering, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Institution and its public.


JIE, through the knowledge and experience of its members:

  • Provides opportunities for professional development.

  • Assesses the veracity of Engineering Credentials.

  • Sets standards of Engineering design and monitors their implementation.

  • Represents the interests of Engineers and fosters the general development of the profession.


Consequently, the Institution’s resources are applied primarily to:

  • The Continuing education of Engineers.

  • The representation of the interests of Engineers in all fora.

  • The development and adoption of National Engineering standards.

  • The provision of opportunities for the ventilating and exchange of technical information and ideas.

  • The maintenance of adequate academic standards for Engineers.

  • The promotion of Professional Ethics for Engineers.

  • The fostering of technology development and transfer.

  • The provision of information and interface which will advance national engineering product delivery


The Institution believes that the Engineer enhances national development by fostering technology development and transfer and sees its role as leader of the profession and protector of its public concept and image.


JIE is a nonprofit organization whose viability is a means of providing excellent services for members and for Jamaica.